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L’Huile H extra virgin is characterized by the unique natural freshness of its “green fruit” aroma, a quite exceptional aromatic strength with a very long and enjoyable finish, a fierceness associated with a hint of bitterness and slight touch of pepper flavored finish due to antioxidants. (see the expert testimony).
This is a finishing and seasoning oil whose aromas are magnified by the warmth of the dishes. It helps “reveal” every dish and to delight the palate when it is added cold, at the very last moment, just before serving or if added to a dish heated at low temperature.

A simple dash of L’Huile H on a tomato, with pasta, fish or even on a mere slice of bread with fresh goat cheese will make you live a unique culinary experience.
L’Huile H is particularly rich in polyphenols, in mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Hence, aside from its health benefits, it has at least a twofold-effect on a dish: it magnifies its quality while enriching it with new flavors. It also protects seasoned dishes from being denatured by other ingredients.
In sum, it maximizes gustatory pleasure and reintroduces to the original taste of products.
Our Suggestions
In salad seasonings, L’Huile H has aromas that are intense enough to use it alone. It is important to keep in mind in that regard that our small bottles – the 250 ml ones, for instance – usually retain more concentrated flavors.

With starters or cold dishes
L’Huile H matches wonderfully the most famous vegetables such as tomato, avocado, artichoke, zucchini, pepper, chicory, leek, cabbage, onion, spring onion, spinach, and also raw vegetable salads, rockets, lamb lettuce or watercress.
It enhances a gazpacho, a beef tartare or tuna maize carpaccio but you can also use it on fresh anchovy, sardines or shellfish. And, if you are a real gourmet and want to live a new gustatory experience which will ravish you, try a drop of L’Huile H on a truffle or on a beautiful tomato with parmesan.

With cheese
L’Huile H definitely enhances the flavor of any cheese, and particularly fresh goat cheese, sheep cheese and feta. You can generously pour L’Huile H directly on the cheese or on the slice of bread that accompanies it. Or you can do it the Spanish way: pour it on toasted bread rubbed with garlic and tomato, lightly sprinkled with sea salt.
With Hot dishes
The aroma that L’Huile H brings on fresh pastas, rice, maize, potatoes and mashed potatoes, on steamed vegetables or hot-out-of-the-oven fish (wolfish or sea bass, zander, sea bream, turbot, trout…) or king prawn will amaze you!
L’Huile H also pairs very well with white meat, grilled beef, game, duck, lamb or even shellfish.
L’Huile H can theoretically be heated up to 210°C but, to keep its full flavor, it is best when added at the end of cooking or to certain dishes cooked at low temperature without exceeding 160°C.

With desserts
L’Huile H also pairs well with many fruits, in particular strawberries, blackberries, blackcurrants or raspberries. It is also great with marinated apricots, apple pies or crumbles.