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The olive oil of Domaine Leos, produced in limited quantities, is original in so many ways: its extra virgin purity; its pure “green fruity”, intense and aromatic taste; its unique Isle-sur-la-Sorgue terroir; its natural cultivation; its hand-picked harvest; its making through only mechanic means; its Aglandau-dominated olive variety; and the meticulous and passionate approach by Patrick Bruel – who owns the estate – and by the men and women who join with him to make it.

Acclaimed by celebrated chefs and oil experts, l’Huile H has won many awards, including the Gold medal in the category of “Green fruity French Olive Oil” at the 2017 and 2018 Competition of olive oil in Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur organized by the French Association of Olive Oil Professionals
Extra virgin oil from first cold pressure extraction

The olive oil of Domaine Leos is original first and foremost because of its certification as "Extra virgin oil extracted from first cold pressure", the high-end of olive oil, which guarantees its purity and its level of excellence. That quality is enhanced by excellent olive crushing, filtration and perfect preservation at the mill.
A “green fruit” flavor uniquely characterized by Aglandau
The unique “green fruit” aromatic and intense flavor of L’Huile H also comes from early-picking and olive varieties dominated by and structured around Aglandau, a variety that came into existence in the Vaucluse region of “Belle Provence”. Aglandau is well-known for the richness of its aroma; it is characterized by its smoothness, intensity and surprising flavor which often releases tastes of artichoke, of grass and of green fruits.
An olive variety which originates in the Vaucluse region

Née dans la « Belle Provence » vauclusienne et historiquement appelée « Verdale de Vaucluse » (ou « Verdale de Carpentras »), l’Aglandau fut également appelée « plant d'Aix » dans les Bouches du Rhône, « Berruguette » dans la région de Maussane ou « Blanquette » vers Eygalières.
The only “extra virgin” olive oil which originates in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue
L’Huile H is original by its very existence: it is the only virgin extra olive oil, on the market, that comes from Isle-sur-la-Sorgue olive groves. Celebrated as the “Venice of Provence” and the capital of antiques and of art galleries, the town is a “global city” like René Char, its poet, who used to host Albert Camus, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque or Nicolas de Staël.
A unique terroir
Original – L’Huile H also qualifies as such thanks to its terroir and the natural philosophy in planting and cultivation. Domaine Leos is situated on a small, slightly inclined plateau composed of stony plates covered with calcareous and rocky soil which feeds from a natural and uniquely protected natural milieu: the domain cultivates without chemical fertilizers or pesticides – olive trees that were planted on soils that had been devoid of any crop for over fifty years.
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